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19 November 2011 @ 07:53 am
Dear Yuletide writer  
Fandoms: Alias (comics), Circle of Magic Universe, Batgirl, Mawaru Penguindrum

Dear Yuletide writer,

Firstly, thank you so much for choosing to write one of my fandoms! All four are very dear to me, and I'm anxiously chewing my nails, waiting to see what amazing story you write. And it will be amazing! Have no fear about that.

I'd also like to apologise about not using my livejournal very much at all these days! It's probably not that useful in general if you're trying to figure out what I'm into. You might like to check out my Tumblr, my blog, or just flick through my fic list, since (obviously?) I write what I like.

Here is some general info about my preferences:
- Most importantly: I really love female characters. I definitely prefer fic which heavily involves at least one lady character, and preferably more than that. I also really like lady POV stuff, although I appreciate depending which of my prompts you got that may not be possible!
- Shipping wise, I tend to lean towards shipping everything and everyone, usually with a few ships I really like and a few I really don't like. I've listed a few preferences for each of the fandoms I request, just so you have some idea. I will happily read both straight and queer couplings, but I also like gen, and am perfectly OK with that too!
- When it comes to smut, I don't like underage stuff (maybe a minimum of 16 years for participants?) and I sometimes find large age differences a bit squicky too, if they're not handled sensitively. No rape or dubcon either, please.
- I hate angst and character death. By "angst" I mean that kind of story where terrible thing after terrible thing happens, the main character is sad and alone and everyone hates them... you know, the really depressing stuff. Conversely, I do quite like stories which are more focused on "bad stuff happens, this is how Character A copes".
- I also hate character bashing. I love all characters. All of them. :(
- If you're writing one of my comics fandoms, AUs are always beloved and appreciated.
- If you want make Christmas-themed (or other December holiday-themed, as is befitting whichever characters you're writing!) fic I am quite happy with that. (And December is summer where I live, so if you want to feature a summer festival or holiday, that is totally seasonal for me.)

Circle of Magic: Daja, Tris, Briar, Sandry
A merchant girl and a Trader, learning how to get along; a street-rat learning to be respectable.

Rereading Circle of Magic books recently it really struck me how the initial differences of the four are largely skipped over in The Magic in the Weaving/Sandry's Book. We get told Tris, Briar and Daja argue a lot, for example, but we don't see it. What I'd really like is a fic that explores in a little more depth the four learning to get along in their first days. Daja and Tris are sort of natural antagonists, as a Trader and a merchant; Sandry's a "bag", and while she decides to trust Briar, would he trust her? Tris and Daja make their feelings on thieves plain. Then there's Briar's initial attitude to magic - he calls it "fakery". There's a lot of stuff there just aching for fic! Any other characters you want to include are fine by me, too.

Shipping: I have a soft spot for Daja/Sandry, but by and large I do prefer to four children as just friends and siblings. I'm not into teacher/pupil, ever. Rosethorn/Lark is lovely, of course, and my wildcard pairing is Kirel/Tris.

Alias: Luke Cage, Jessica Jones
When, exactly, did Luke realise he was falling in love with Jessica, and how did he deal with it? Can be The Pulse compliant or not.

There's a host of comics pairings I don't really care about one way or another, but Luke/Jessica is not one of those pairings. Alias was one of the first comics to bring me into the Marvel Universe, and since then I've tried to read everything I could get my hands in that featured one or both of these two characters (even some really, really terrible stories.) I'd love just an introspective about Luke and his feelings, but anything that explores their relationship would be great.

Shipping: Luke/Jessica, obviously. I was never big on Jessica/Scott, but I don't hate it. Jessica/Carol is also dandy, and thanks to that rather terrible story What if Jessica Jones joined the Avengers? my wildcard ship is Cap/Luke/Jessica. Luke/Dan, although I'd rather forget Dan's awful comments to Jessica in The Pulse if at all possible.

Batgirl: Dick Grayson, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain
I'd really love some Steph/Dick fic, set during Steph's Batgirl run (but with 100% more appearances of Cass than in the actual title). Alternately, Cass/Steph/Dick, or the three of them bonding gen. Can be written with Steph as Spoiler, but I'd rather you avoided the whole mess that is War Games.

I don't have any kind of plot specifications here - if you want to AU it up from RIP with Batman!Dick taking Steph as his Robin, with Cass as Nightwing, that would be amazing. If you want to write reboot fic with never-been-Batgirl Steph and Cass meeting Nightwing!Dick, I'd find that really interesting. Basically: go anywhere you want with this! So long as it has awesome ladies being awesome and Dick being Dick, I'll love what you do.

Shipping: Steph I ship with pretty much everyone, but particularly Dick, Cass, Squire and Supergirl (although I tend to read her as mostly straight with the occasional girlfriend - it's just I'm more interested in ladyslash!) Cass I generally think of as being mostly into ladies, and am particularly interested in her with Steph, Onyx, Babs, and Rose Wilson. As far as dudes go, I don't mind her with Dick or Tim. Dick I also ship with pretty much everyone, although I'm entirely uninterested in his relationship with Babs (it's just kind of boring and largely unhealthy, sorry). If you include Damian, please don't have any of my characters being into him in a sexual or romantic way. He is ten. I'm not against pairing any of the three with Bruce, although I'd rather you didn't since emotionally fucked up pairings are something I often avoid actually reading.

Mawaru Penguindrum: Takakura Himari, Penguin #3
Most of the earlier episodes focus on Ringo, Sho, and Kanba, with the assumption that Himari is mostly at home, staying out of trouble. I'd like a "day in the life" of Himari type fic that shows exactly what she gets up to - it doesn't need to be over the top, but given that she has a slightly narcissistic invisible penguin there's definitely room for some hilarious (or just slightly bewildering) antics.

I think that pretty much says it all! I'd love for you to include Sho and/or Ringo, but if it doesn't go that way don't worry.

Shipping: oh man. At this point the only pairing that I definitely ship is Sho/Ringo: Penguindrum is full of way too many twists for me to feel safe about anything else! Himari/Double H would be pretty awesome, though (even if it's more just Himari admiring her two old friends from afar).

I think that's pretty much it! I hope you've found this letter helpful rather than restricting. Ultimately, I really want you to have fun in the writing, since that's what I really love about Yuletide, and I'm really going to appreciate whatever you do.

Hugs and kisses and Yuletide cheer!
Your recipient :D
eta: hopefully I've managed to make this edit in time, but I just realised I said nothing about Wendy in my Batgirl sign-up. I love Wendy a whole lot, so it would be great if she got a mention, a cameo, or even a major part in any Batgirl fic :D