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02 January 2011 @ 07:35 pm
Belated Yuletide received / reveal  
It's kind of unfortunate that I can't tell which fic was written by my original Yuletide author and which were written by people who just saw the prompts and liked them! But clearly the prompt I had for Disney Princesses struck a chord, because I received three - three! - fics for it, as well as one for Skip Beat. They're all really fun, but "Faldi Faldonza" is the pick of the bunch, because it is just so amazing - the amount of thought that went into getting all three princesses in the same place, the characterisation, the way that the plot allows all three women to shine without ruining any of their princes - and, just. You should all read it.And then read the others, too.


Road Trip of Dooooom - Okay Not Really by fresne

Fandom: Disney Princesses
Characters: Tiana, Mulan, Belle

The night before they left, lots of creatures were stirring. Although, not so much mice. Belle planned for everything on their road trip. She'd made lists. Mulan rented the car. Tiana made time to go. But nobody expects ninja-pirates. Or the Spanish Inquisition, but they stayed home. So really it was just ninja-pirates. And a fire bird. And singing gargoyles. But those last two were on Belle's list.

Faldi Faldonza by Paranoiac 

Fandom: Disney Princesses
Characters: Tiana, Mulan, Belle, Prince Naveen

Tiana's first royal ball turns out to be something of a disaster, what with the prince being kidnapped and all. Luckily, she's got back-up.

Boston Legal by Merlin Missy (mtgat) for thankyouturtle

Fandom: Disney Princesses
Characters: Tiana, Mulan, Belle

Tiana, Mulan, and Belle are on Spring Break in Boston.

Strumming my strings with his fingers by bookchan 

Fandom: Skip Beat
Pairing: Sho/Kyoko/Ren

A couple years down the line Kyoko needs guitar lessons


I wrote three fics this year! I'm really proud of my assigned story (the fairy tale) - the other two were just spur of the moment things and could probably do with some serious editing.

Title: The Winter of Wolf
Fandom: Little Red Riding Hood / Fairy Tales
Characters: The Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, Grandmother, Woodcutter
Word count: 5,324
Summary: Wolf's people have been waiting for the rains to come ever since she was born, and Wolf is determined to do something about it. But bringing Winter to her village may mean making a huge sacrifice - and going face to face with the woodsman with the axe...

Title: A Mother's Lot
Fandom: Swallows and Amazons
Characters: Molly Blackett
Word count: 544
Summary: Molly Blackett has always worried about her daughters.

Title: Five times a woman couldn't make a difference (and one time she definitely did)
Fandom: Tortall
Characters: Beka Cooper, Alanna of Trebond, Veraldaine Sarrasri, Lalasa Isran, Alianne Cooper, OFC
Word count: 954
Summary: Even the strongest of women can't be successful every time. [Trigger warning! For mentions of rape!]

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