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13 November 2010 @ 03:19 pm
Dear Yuletide writer...  
Fandoms: A-Team, Batgirl, Disney Princesses, Skip Beat!

Dear Yuletide writer,

I expect you already know this, but you are a seriously awesome person. Possibly the most awesome person. And I'm super thankful/happy you've chosen to write in one of my small fandoms! *\o/*. This year my letter got a little... long... So please bear with me, and remember that none of the stuff in here is absolutely binding!

First of all, here is some general info about my preferences:
- Most importantly: it's female characters who I really like reading about. Even though I've included male characters in my prompts, I definitely absolutely prefer fic that focuses on female characters, or which at least doesn't push them to the side.
- Shipping wise, I tend to lean towards shipping everything and everyone, usually with a few ships I really like and a few I really don't like. I thought that maybe I'd list a few preferences for each of the fandoms I request, just so you have some idea. I will happily read both straight and queer couplings, but I also like gen, and am perfectly OK with that too!
- When it comes to smut, I don't like underage stuff (maybe a minimum of 16 years for participants?) and I sometimes find large age differences a bit squicky too, if they're not handled sensitively. No rape or dubcon either, please.
- I hate angst and character death. By "angst" I mean that kind of story where terrible thing after terrible thing happens, the main character is sad and alone and everyone hates them... you know, the really depressing stuff. I quite like stories which are more focused on "bad stuff happens, this is how Character A copes".
- I also hate character bashing. I love all characters. All of them. :(
- I like AUs, I like crossovers. If you're writing Batgirl, I especially love comics crossovers. If you're not sure what fandoms I know, you can always get in contact through the usual Yuletide channels :D
- Oh! And as an afterthought, if you want make Christmas-themed (or other December holiday-themed, as is befitting whichever characters you're writing!) fic I am quite happy with that. (And December is summer where I live, so if you want to feature a summer festival or holiday, that is totally seasonal for me.)

If you want to get a handle on the stuff I like, well, I like what I write so you can always check out my own stuff, but there's also my own delicious rec-list of other people's stuff I like (when I remember to bookmark it!)

SORRY IF I'M TOO WEIRDLY SPECIFIC! I am pretty bossy in real life, too, if it makes you feel any better.

Skip Beat!: Kyoko, Ren, Sho
I'd love to see Kyoko trying to act out a completely different role than her Mio-type, with the help/hindrance of Ren and Sho. Otherwise, if you're into it, something smutty would be great - either Kyoko/Ren or Ren/Kyoko/Sho.

One of the things I love about Skip Beat! is that in addition to the romance there's some seriously good story around Kyoko learning her craft, and I'd love to see something that focuses on that. I'm also a total softy for Kyoko/Ren, but if you could add Sho into the mix that would be totally hot interesting.

Shipping: Kyoko/Ren, Kyoko/Kanae, Kyoko/Sho (in a "Sho wants what he can't have" kind of way)

Disney Princesses: Mulan, Tiana, Belle
Adventure! Friendship! Action! Princesses! Maybe some kind of road trip!

Basically I love these girls for being ~in control of their own destinies~ (Belle's probable Stockholm syndrome aside). To me they're the most 'real' of the princesses (even though Mulan isn't actually a princess, Disney) and I want them to hang out and be friends and capable ladies together. I mean, you've got Belle, relatively privileged and with all the book learnin', Mulan is the physical fighter, loyal in the extreme, and both of them are outsiders in their communities because they just won't fit in. And Tiana! Who pretty much works herself up from nothing in order to open her own business, despite her class and her race being against her. THEY ARE ALL SO GREAT. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO WRITE A STORY ABOUT THEM BEING AWESOME TOGETHER. I'd also be happy for you to throw any of the other princesses in there, also being capable and awesome, or even being incapable but still awesome.

Shipping: If you want to ship any of the princesses together I'd be so down with that. But I am also OK with all the canon princess/prince pairings!

A-Team: Amy Allen, BA
Something deliciously Amy-centric, preferably set when she's still working with the team. And featuring BA, because he is my favourite.

So I started watching the A-Team this year, and I fell in love with Amy straight away. How could I not! But THEN I got to the first episode in which she is no longer with the team, and I was HORRIFIED. I love the team, but Amy is AMAZING. A female lead who isn't a romantic interest? Who shows the ability to strategise, asks the right questions, and even manages to defend herself on occasion? She was so great. SO. A story which just shows her off to the best of her abilities would be fab. And BA playing a large part in it would also be awesome, although I'm less fussy on that account.

Shipping: Amy/BA, BA/Murdock, Face/Hannibal, Face/Tawnia, Hannibal/Maggie Sullivan

Batgirl: Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, Nick Gage, Damian Wayne
A Cassandra-returns-to-Gotham fic (set in current Steph!Batgirl continuity), but maybe dealing with the fact that after being gone for more than a year, her and Steph's relationship isn't quite what it was?

OK, so I love Cass and Steph, and their friendship, to death, and I hate the DC continually just kind of forgets how important it is to both of them! So first and foremost, something that deal with them being friends and being awesome (I say that a lot) would be great. Secondly, like I mentioned in my sign-up, I'd love to see them having to deal with the fact that Cass has been gone for a year. Maybe Steph worries that Cass will want to be Batgirl again? Maybe Cass feels that Steph has forgotten her and moved on with her own life, and new friends? If you do write something along those lines, though, I'd really like it to end up with them being besties again!

Damian and Nick are mostly just there for the LOLs. I love Steph and Nick's slightly dubious relationship (she kind of has a thing for him, he thinks she's just a slightly odd kid... but he sort of has a thing for Batgirl...). And I love how much Damian resents/is confused by Steph, and you KNOW he'd worship the ground Cass walks on.

Just as an extra note, if you end up including any villains, could you try and avoid the Joker? He alternately squicks and bores me.

Shipping: I ship Steph with pretty much everyone except Bruce, and I don't really ship Steph/Tim anymore. And she's too old for Damian, so, ew (although I am fine with him crushing on her. I have a not-very-secret penchant for Steph/Dick, so if you could somehow work that in to whatever you write I would love you forever. Cass/Steph, Cass/Tim, Cass/Babs are all fab. Nick/Babs, if you want to play it that way.

I love all of these fandoms and characters a whole lot, so if you find that whatever suggestions I've given are IMPOSSIBLE or REALLY STUPID don't worry, I will be really happy to receive whatever you write! And I really want you to have fun writing, too, so please don't stress out too much. I WILL LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT.


Your recipient :D