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09 July 2010 @ 07:49 pm
So earlier today I asked tumblr for fic prompts, and wrote a bunch of ficlets. The best ones are going here, for posterity, although I am also fond of GALACTUS JUST NEEDS A FRIEND and AQUAMAN'S OUTRAGEOUS TUMBLR POST.

Under the mask
Fandom: DCU / Marvel 
Prompt:  Jason Todd + Deadpool + Bob, Agent of HYDRA

“This guy has totally stolen your - your thing!” Bob declared. “He always comes back from the dead! He’s an anti-hero! He- he talks a lot!”

Deadpool stared at the picture of a man with a red bucket on his head that Bob had produced. “Does his fanbase lovingly refer to him as a sociopath?” Deadpool asked.


“What’s under the bucket?” Bob handed him another picture. “A mask? He wears a mask under his mask?”

“Ye- are you wiping away a tear?”

Deadpool sniffed. “This is the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen,” he choked out.


Title:  Ladies' Night
Fandom: DCU 
Prompt:  So Barbara Gordon and Helena B. walk into a bar.

Babs’ and Helena’s deep, philosophical discussion on the naming of cocktails as a symbol of the patriarchy, and the need for more whisky in everything, was interrupted when Helena threw up on Babs’ shoes.

Title:  The Youngest Brother
Fandom: DCU 
Prompt:  Damian meets Cassandra Cain :D

“Go, on, just try and hit me.”


“I bet you’re just scared.”


“You’re just jealous because he’s my real father.”


“You’re just angry because I get more time with Brown than you do.”


“Fine, I don’t even want to fight you. It was just a test.”


“That doesn’t count! I wasn’t ready!”


Title:  Cones
Fandom: DCU 
Prompt:  Wonder Woman + Power Girl, ice cream cones.

Diana peered through the glass. “I’ll have… a mint ice cream, please,” she told the attendant. “And you, Kara?”

“Oh, chocolate, of course,” Kara laughed. “It’s always chocolate, as far as I’m concerned.”

Atlee made a note. Chocolate was clearly the most superior ice cream flavour.